What is the E-harmony UK affiliate program?


If there’s one thing that very few website owners understand, it’s that they have a potentially lucrative marketing opportunity waiting right at their fingertips. Websites that have additional space to host advertising have a real potential to raise revenue. The E-harmony UK affiliate program offers just this sort of opportunity.

There is a huge range of benefits available to companies that sign up for this program, with several different financial incentives. So whether you run a company website or blog, or are considering whether digital marketing is for you, here is a look at the range of benefits that are currently available.

The E-harmony UK affiliate program offers website owners and publishers the opportunity to host advertising content for the E-harmony UK brand. There are generous commissions paid for every subscription that the business drives to E-harmony.

What are the benefits of signing up for the program?

The biggest benefit of the program for those who sign up is the ability to transform your website into a source of revenue, separate to the marketing activity of your own business. The E-harmony commission structure starts at £3 for every completed relationship questionnaire you provide. Get yourself certified in 70-291Certification. There is 100% passing guarantee. Buy 70-246 Exam training material to get better exam results using our quality material.

Every one-month subscription your advertising provides can earn you £30, while a three-month subscription earns £40. A six-month subscription would earn £50 and finally, a 12-month subscription earns £60.

With the opportunity to potentially earn £60 pounds from one person clicking on advertising located on your website, the E-harmony UK affiliate program has the potential to earn generous money with little effort on your part.

How to know if your website is right for hosting E-harmony content?

The best way to know whether your business is a good match for publishing E-harmony advertising is by getting to know the brand a little better yourself. E-harmony’s roots began in America, where it is considered the country’s most trusted relationship site and is responsible for creating nearly 5% of new US marriages.

Launching in the UK in 2008, eHarmony.co.uk now has 700,000 registered users and uses the science of compatibility to create a successful relationship. The core target audience is single men and women between 30-55 years old, who are looking for a serious relationship.

How to become a part of the affiliate program at E-harmony UK?

The process of getting involved with the E-harmony UK affiliate program is relatively simple. Companies can become an affiliate through either the TradeDoubler website or the Affiliate Window website.

Both of these companies provide step-by-step guides on becoming an affiliate and the process of creating enticing and effective click advertising for your customers. The E-harmony content is also constantly being updated, and as a partner, you’re kept up to date with new creative content and widely advertised promotional weekends, both of which can help drive up your earnings.