6 Of Our Favorite Vintage Band T-Shirts from the 80’s

If you go through your old folk’s drawers, there is a slim chance that you’ll find some historic concert shirts that they used to wear in the old days. Back in the 80’s, clothes had little value, and that’s why most people never kept any for memory reasons. It wasn’t cool then to pass down vintage attire.

If you are planning to attend a concert with a vintage theme any time soon, then you should consider these shirts from the 80’s from the Band Shirt Archive.

1. Run-DMC T-Shirt

This vintage T-shirt was unleashed in the early 80’s by the popular Run-DMC NY rap group. The shirt is a popular choice for hip-pop music fans because of its amazing look. Other than featuring the Run-DMC print, the shirt features an Adidas logo. This means that you can also wear the T-shirt to a sports event and feel comfortable.

2. Stiff Records Shirt

Stiff Records Studio is a legendary label that dominated the music industry in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The label was widely known for slogans such as “During the Pomp” and “Famous.” People see the message to be factual. The slogans are what are pushing the consumers.

3. Michael Jackson Baseball T-Shirt

This T-shirt was made famous by the legendary popstar Michael Jackson during the promotion of his hit album “Thriller” in 1984. The original shirt is sold at $996 in most online stores. The shirt is popular because of its baseball theme. For many people, it’s also a great fit for wearing to a baseball tournament in case you don’t have a vintage music concert to attend.


4. Wham! T-Shirt

This band T-shirt is inspired by the original “Wake Me Up” music album where the theme was wham! The T-shirt was designed in 1983 by Katharine Hamnett, a celebrated British fashion designer. The shirts are popular because they carry political messages for anti-suicide and anti-drug campaigns.

5. Guns N’ Roses Shirt

This vintage band shirt was first unveiled in 1987 by the music crew Guns N’ Roses during their “Appetite for Destruction” music tour in Europe. The shirts are a sensation because of their ‘scary’ graphics. They are most suited for rock music concerts.

6. Prince Muscle Shirt

This T-shirt design was unveiled by Prince in 1984 during the launch of his famous “Purple Rain” hit song. During the unveiling of the shirt, the market reception was impressive, and it has stayed that way ever since. The design is famous for its graphics. It features a biker on a tough rescue mission.


There you have it; some of the coolest vintage band shirts from the good old 80’s. If you have a music concert in your itinerary that you are planning to attend, then you need to grab any of these vintage band shirts. The shirt will make you feel at the right place when you go to the gig.

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